Transitions – embracing the winds of change

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Amy Boyle Collins, CEO of Gambel Commnications, is pictured with company founder Betsie Gambel. (Photo by Jeff Strout)

A new year beckons change; for companies, that often means new leadership. What factors contribute to a seamless transition? 

• Trust – Establishing the foundation on which successful transitions are built

• Confidence – Believing your successor will do the right thing

• Management – Defining roles and responsibilities, boundaries and barriers

• Communication – Ensuring open internal and external dialogue, even with difficult issues

• Respect – Understanding that things may be done differently, appreciating those choices and vision

• Training – Preparing the person with the breadth of skills and tools for success

• Letting go – Recognizing that daily decisions belong to another 

• Time – Planning strategically in advance; transitioning doesn’t happen overnight

– Betsie GambelGambel Communications, The New Orleans 100