Resolving to connect failure with success

Of all I aspire to achieve in the new year, underscoring the importance of failure in success remains top of mind – something I encourage you to consider as you keep chasing your dreams. (Image courtesy of

Back in the 1980s, I launched two failed ventures: direct mail and acting.

Despite disparate arenas, the shared lessons were uncanny.

In short, it’s as difficult to get up on stage and audition for a part you’re not fit to play as it is to raise capital for an unsuccessful product launch.

While I learned this the unglamorous way (while renting a North Hollywood studio with four roommates), both experiences stuck with me and ultimately contributed to my future success.

My wish for you: May 2024 be a successful – which is not to suggest failure-free – trip around the sun. Cheers!

– Jeff ArnoldRIGHTSURE, The Arizona 100