It’s Been 60 Years – Why Do Porsche 911s Still Look the Same?

The Mustang, Camaro, Ferrari GTO, E-Type Jag, DB5 and the 911 all debuted in the 60s – yet only one still resembles its Beatles-era counterpart. Why did the classic 911 design “stick” when others didn’t?

In 1963, Ferdinand Porsche debuted the 911: a sprightly Beetle with bubbly headlights and a rakish rump to hide the engine. Sixty years later, almost nothing has changed. How come?

Porsche actually tried changing the look and mounting the engine up front with the 924 in 1974. Sales were OK, but the message was clear: we want 911s. Porsche listened, and to save themselves from bankruptcy they debuted a short 911 and a tall 911 – the Boxster and Cayenne, respectively. Sales exploded, and the classic 911 design was set in stone.

Why hasn’t the 911 changed? Because it was perfect in 1963.

Chris Butsch, Contributor