Burnout reaches new levels

Burnout builds over time. It’s a result of working long hours, monitoring text, email and phone messages constantly, and not separating home and work lives. (Photo courtesy of Serezniy on Dreamstime)

In our always-on-the-go society, burnout has long been an issue, although not often acknowledged. With employees juggling longer hours, overwhelmed by work responsibilities and emotionally drained since the pandemic began, burnout has reached a tipping point – even fueling “The Great Resignation.”

While not always easy to recognize, the World Health Organization defines burnout as emotional, physical and mental exhaustion brought on by excessive levels of stress. This leads to poor sleep, frequent mistakes, lost motivation and increased irritability.

To prevent burnout set defined boundaries, eat healthily, get a full night’s sleep and make time to do the things you enjoy.

Laura Cubbage, The Atlanta 100